Finding Zen in a Zenless time.

A jumbled pile of puzzle pieces.

So, things are crazy.

Life is chaos. That’s a stubbornly indisputable fact. Life is not inclined to function comfortably nor conveniently, especially if you’re a college student. The expectations, obligations, necessities, and social wants can be difficult, if not maddening, to balance.

Hence this website. This site is my personal reflection on learning to cope with uncertainty. It’s a form of a personal therapy as well as a place for tips so you can learn how to deal with it in the future.

Why would you need this site?

If you feel like your brain is a mess, if you have a hard time keeping track of what you're supposed to do, if you feel like you never have enough time to do what you would like to do, if you feel like there is way too much to juggle in your life, then I think you could get some help from this site.

A Disclaimer

I am not a mental health expert. If you're suffering from depression, severe anxiety, or suicidal thoughts, this website is not a resource you should consult. There are much more qualified people and resources out there than myself.

For these more serious issues, please check out the following resources: