Combining AR with App Clips

In our capstone course, my team and I were assigned to combine AR with App Clips. AR stands for “Augmented Reality”, and it essentially adds a layer of 3-D assets onto a camera image. App Clips is a method of downloading a quick snippet of an App rather than the whole app. We decided to apply these technologies to the creation of an AR-enabled greeting card, which came to be known as “LiVE CARDS”.

This project as a whole was a journey in of itself. At the start, I was responsible for our exploratory research (our assessment of the technologies) and our group plan. Checkpoint 2 essentially functioned as another planning stage. At that point, I helped plan the UX design and conducted User Research, and I was also primarily responsible for the delivery of the presentation. By checkpoint 3, we were in development of our first full draft of our product. I was once again in charge of the presentation, and I was responsible for the website beta. Once we reached checkpoint 4, I became the sole presenter during the live demos. At that point, I also began to work on the final deliverables, including the trailer, final website, and final presentation.

All of this culminated at SLAM, where we were able to show off our completed product and promotional content to a live audience.

Overall, this was far from an easy class. There were a few points in where circumstances impeded our progress, and it became apparent to me that not everything I do can abide by a nice, neat schedule. We fought hard through this, and I think one of the most critical lessons that I learned was to not give up. Despite everything, my team and I made it through those trials, and we created a product we can happily show off to family, peers, and employers.